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Add a small piece of code to your website, link your ads account, and make a few minor setting changes. You don’t need to be a developer and it should take under 10 minutes.


The Click Saver stops non-buyers from clicking your ads so that your budget goes towards real prospects, not everyone else.

If you pay $5 per click and saved just 2 clicks per day, you would save $3650 per year on ads. See how much you could save, try it free for 10 days.

Save your ads for genuine potential customers

Not everyone should be clicking your ads. Disgruntled customers, window shoppers, competitors, and many others that will never convert are draining your ads budget. The Click Saver lets you restrict each clicker to a maximum number of clicks per time period, completely customizable based on your conversion costs, industry, and ROI.

Separate who needs your ads, from who doesn’t

If someone’s already visited your website 50 times this year, they probably don’t need your ads – even if they’ve never clicked on one. That’s why The Click Saver tracks clicks to your website from most other direct, organic, and paid sources and includes them in your click quotas. With non-buyers out of the mix, experience higher PPC conversion rates, an optimized ad budget, and all-round better results.

Reduce click wastage with Google and Bing Ads

Improve the profitability of your PPC ad campaigns on 2 of the biggest search-based platforms.

Automatic Google Ads Protection

Every time a new clicker is blocked by The Click Saver, they’re automatically excluded from clicking on your Google Ads.

Manual Bing Ads Protection

Every time The Click Saver detects that a new clicker should be blocked, it sends an alert for you to manually exclude them from your Bing Ads.

Works on 99.9% of all websites and landing pages

*For The Click Saver to work, you simply insert a tracking script (a small piece of code) onto the website. 99.9% of websites can handle this, however, if your website doesn’t have the capabilities to insert a tracking script (such as with Google sites), you can place a landing page with the capability to insert the tracking script between Google and your website and drive traffic to this page so that clicks can be registered by our system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need help installing The Click Saver?

We designed The Click Saver so that it should be quick and simple for anyone to set up – even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. However, if you do need some help, we’ve written setup guides within our Knowledge Base, or you can contact our support team with any specific questions or problems.

How many clicks and money will this save us?

Up to 90% of all clicks are ad wastage in one form or another. There are many factors that go into how much money you could save, such as your cost per click, how many clicks you’re receiving, if your ads are active 24/7, how many keywords you’re targeting, which industry you operate in, etc. That’s why it’s hard to give a general estimate. The best way to know how many clicks you’ll save is to try The Click Saver completely free for 10 days and see for yourself.

Doesn't Bing / Google already limit the number of clicks per IP address?

Unfortunately not, all PPC platforms are in the business of selling clicks, and people are allowed to click your advert as many times as your budget permits, one clicker could click your advert 100’s of times and you could still be charged.

Could The Click Saver block real buyers from our ads?

The beauty of The Click Saver is that you have complete control over your click blocking strategy. If you fear you’re being too restrictive with your click limits, you can raise them in an instant and see the impact. But remember, you should be optimizing your ads for conversions – i.e. how many buyers you get for the number of ad clicks, and how much each buyer costs you in paid ads. You already have control over your ad bids which dictates how much you’re willing to spend per click (e.g. $10 per click), but what if you’re selling a $30 product and someone clicks your ad 7 times? Even if they became a buyer, it would be unprofitable for you. The Click Saver gives you the power to control this.

Is there a limit to the number of clickers you can block?

With Google Ads, you can limit up to 500 clickers per campaign. If you reach this limit then The Click Saver will automatically remove the oldest clickers to make way for newer ones.

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