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$ 50 / m (USD)
  • 1 x Website Domain
  • 1 x Google Ads, Standard or Manager (MCC) Account
  • Up to 50 Google Ads Campaigns
  • Up to 10,000 Tracked Clicks (Need more?)
  • Automatic Google Ads Protection
  • Manual Bing Ads Protection
  • 24/7 Click Protection


$ 297 / m (USD)
  • 20 x Website Domains
  • 1 x Google Ads, Standard or Manager (MCC) Account
  • Up to 1000 Campaigns
  • Up to 200,000 Tracked Clicks (Need more?)
  • Automatic Google Ads Protection
  • Manual Bing Ads Protection
  • 24/4 Click Monitioring

With even more added features

24/7 Click Monitoring

Rest easy knowing that The Click Saver is always blocking non-buyers from sapping your ad budget.

Quick and Easy Setup

No need to be a developer! Just link your Ads account, change a few simple settings, and insert a tiny piece of code into your website, and you’ll be up and running.

Knowledge Base

Never get stuck with 50+ articles to guide you through our software and help you get started.

Manual Bing Ads Protection

With our fast click quota alerts, you can manually exclude clickers from your Bing Ad campaign

Click Tracking From Multiple Sources

Unlike other software, we track clicks to your website from multiple direct, organic, and paid channels and include them in your quota to deliver a much better PPC ROI. Click to see which clicks we can track

Automatic Google Ads Protections

No need to lift a finger. Clickers that hit your limits are automatically excluded from your Google Ads campaigns.

Email Support Assistance

Personalized care from our small team including direct email assistance with responses in under 24 hours.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Daily or weekly click summary reports, alerts when new clickers are blocked and an overview of the direct, organic, and paid traffic arriving on your website.

Exclude 1000's
of worthless clicks

For your Google Ads campaigns, you can exclude entire IP address ranges to reduce ad wastage even further.

Multiple Websites, Multiple Quotas

Have more than one website? you can set a different click quota for each of them.

Free Keyword Converter

Save time and get better results with the keyword converter. Convert the match types of 1000’s of keywords to “Broad”  “Modified” or “Exact” in seconds.

Advanced Geo Click Data

With Advanced Geo Clicks, you can see the approximate city and country of each clicker, helping you understand who’s landing on your website

Frequently Asked Questions.

At the end of your free trial, the system will stop tracking clicks and your dashboard will become dormant, so if you wish to continue saving clicks, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan of your choice from your dashboard. To avoid any interruption to your service, you can add your credit card and choose your plan before the end of your trial, you’ll then continue to enjoy the trial and only be charged once your trial ends. 

We support all major debit and credit cards from most countries in 135+ currencies via a worldwide trusted payment gateway. The Click Saver charges in U.S. Dollars.

It’s rare for this to happen, but if you need more clicks you can top-up from inside your Click Saver dashboard.

Yes, for example, if you purchase the Pro Saver annual plan, you will immediately receive 120,000 tracked clicks.

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