Deliver better PPC results for your clients

Save clicks and improve the profitability of your client's PPC campaigns to win trust and long-term business 

Why PPC Agencies ❤️ The Click Saver

Prove Your The Best PPC Agency For Your Clients

Show you’re the best by getting better results than competing PPC marketers and agencies. Dramatically improve your client’s PPC ROI by delivering similar results but on a far lower budget.

Increase clients and build trust

By looking after your clients budget, and demonstrating how many clickers you’ve blocked, you show that you care are about their business, helping to win their trust and retain them as a long-term account.

Upsell Your Clients

Upselling The Click Saver to your clients just doesn’t provide them great savings but helps your agency create additional revenue stream. And with our agency pricing you’ll pay 3x less per website than our Pro Saver plan.

Easy Setup, implementation and management

Get your clients set up with The Click Saver in a  few minutes –  without any specialist staff training. And once up and running, The Click  Saver works 24/7, mostly in the background.

Show It Works -

Still need convincing? Try with your first website free for 10 days. See the results, then upgrade to our agency plan. Once you start showing how The Click Saver can improve ROI it will be easier for you to win new clients.

Specifically built for agencies that juggle multiple websites and PPC accounts

Advanced analytics and agency ready reporting

Automatically report all the improvements The Click Saver has made to your clients’ campaigns. Show all the clicks you’re saving with daily or weekly click summary reports sent straight to your inbox. Get alerted when new IP addresses are blocked, and with advanced geo-clicks, you can even provide clients added confidence by showing the countries and device ID’s of the clickers being blocked.

Handle multiple client account with ease

Juggling multiple clients, campaigns, and websites? The Click Saver makes it easy! Link your Google Ads Manager Account (MCC) to manage multiple clients simultaneously. Set a click quota strategy for each client based on their individual needs. And offer automatic protection for their Google Ads campaigns, or upsell a manual protection service for their Bing Ads too.

Works on 99.9% of all websites and landing pages

*For The Click Saver to work, you simply insert a tracking script ( a small piece of code) onto the website. 99.9% of websites can handle this, however, if your website doesn’t have the capabilities to insert a tracking script (such as Google sites), you can place a landing page with the capabilities to insert a tracking script between Google and your ads and drive traffic to this page so that clicks can be registered by our system.

Why should you choose The Click Saver?

The Click Saver helps you deliver better PPC results for your clients, so you can retain their business.

Works with Google
and Bing Ads

We provide click quota alerts so that you can manually exclude IP addresses from Bing Ads, giving you the opportunity to upsell Bing Ads to your clients where CPC is far lower than on Google’s platform.

Track website clicks from the most popular sources to get better ROI

This is important. The Click Saver doesn’t simply track how many times someone clicks your ads, and block them when they hit a limit. instead, it tracks clicks to your website from multiple direct, organic and paid channels and includes them in your quota, delivering your clients a much better PPC ROI.

Personalized support from our small team

When you need help, we’re here for you. As a small company, you’ll get personalized care from our small team including email assistance with responses in under 24 hours.

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Try it all for FREE, then join our Agency Saver plan

At under $15 per domain, saving just 1 click per month could make this profitable for you and your clients.



$50 /Month (USD)

$297 /Month (USD)

  • 1 x Website Domain
  • 1x Google Ads, Standard or Manager (MCC) Account
  • Up to 50 Google Ads Campaigns
  • Up to 10,000 Tracked Clicks (Need more?)
  • Automatic Google Ads Protection
  • Manual Bing Ads Protection
  • 24/7 Click Protection

No Credit Card Required | Cancel Anytime

  • 20 x Website Domain
  • 1x Google Ads, Standard or Manager (MCC) Account
  • Up to 1,000 Google Ads Campaigns
  • Up to 200,000 Tracked Clicks (Need more?)
  • Automatic Google Ads Protection
  • Manual Bing Ads Protection
  • 24/7 Click Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you a small tracking code to insert into the header of their website or landing page. With access to their website, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

For Google Ads, IP addresses are automatically excluded for you and there’s nothing you need to do. Google does have a limit of 500 excluded IP’s per campaign, but when you reach this limit the system automatically begins to remove the older IP’s to make way for the new IP’s. 

Unfortunately, Bing doesn’t currently support this feature so it’s impossible for us to automate the process for you. However, we do provide fast email alerts of the clickers who fill your click quotas so you can manually exclude their IP’s from your Bing ads campaigns to prevent further clicks 🙂 Inside our resources section we have a full step by step guide on how to do this, here.

Up to 90% of all clicks are ad wastage in one form or another. There are many factors that go into how much money your clients will save, such as their cost per click, how many clicks they’re receiving, if their ads are active 24/7, how many keywords they’re targeting, which industry the client operates in, etc. That’s why it’s hard to give a general estimate. The best way to know how many clicks they will save is to try The Click Saver completely free for 10 days and see for yourself.

Unfortunately not, all PPC platforms are in the business of selling clicks, and people are allowed to click your advert as many times as your budget permits, one clicker could click your advert 100’s of times and you can still be charged.

It will depend based on their industry and the profitability of their ads. For example, with e-commerce businesses, it may take up to 10 clicks for a conversion but with service-based businesses, it can take 1-2. Likewise, if their cost per click is $15 and they’re selling a $50 product, you may want to place a more restrictive limit than with a $500 product. However, the good thing about The Click Saver is you can start with an educated guess, and then update click quotas to be more or less aggressive at any time as you start receiving conversion data.

No worries, you can either request a demo or send us an email.

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