The Click Saver

Our Story

" Real Problems, Real Solutions "
Ric Sinclair
Problem solver & entrepreneur

The story of The Click Saver begins in year 2015 when we were running a small auto glass business

Times were great, leads and money were flowing like a wild river

What we didn’t know, things were about to change, unfortunately not for good, sending us on a mission to save our business

And the problem will come from our #1 client acquisition source, Google Ads

Specifically, our monthly bill had become way too high and very unsustainable

That’s where the challenge started

Making Google Ads sustainable and reducing our bill every month

We started by reading and doing everything we could find… 

  • Ad copy optimization

  • Landing page optimization

  • Cost per click optimization

  • Keyword optimization

  • SEO

  • Sales processes

This had worked to a degree and reduced our bill

But it was not enough, we needed more

There was something we were still missing…

After much thought and investigating pages and pages of data 

We started to see an overall picture

We had discovered our problem

Our problem was CPS (clicks per sale) which is different to CTR (click through rate)

We had an 11 to 1 CPS 

At the time, our clicks were $20 each, meaning, it was costing us $220 to land just one client 

Plus the cost of parts, wages, taxes and operating the business

It was not sustainable or feasible

We had an average sale price of $190

Google Ads was FAST becoming unattractive

However, we were aware that Google was our #1 source of clients 

We couldn’t just walk away from Ads

We had to find a solution, FAST

The answer came in the form of saving clicks, WHOLE CLICKS

Not just a few cents or dollars here and there

We needed a big time solution 

A way to apply limits to the amount of clicks a person can perform while browsing on Google

After months and months of research and development

The Click Saver was born

We could now apply a click quota to all our campaigns 

At the time we were allowing 2 clicks ($40) per user to make a phone call

If they didn’t call our business within two clicks, we excluded them from seeing the ad and any further clicks

It was a blessing which saved our business 

We noticed it straight away, the results were amazing

An immediate 82% reduction in Google Ads charges

Plus, now we had more ad spend to apply towards our campaigns to gain hotter clients who were ready to buy now.

It changed everything!

What we had learnt is Google Ads can quickly become unsustainable and unfeasible

Google does not limit the amount of clicks a browser can perform

CPS is everything in Google Ads 

How is your CPS?