Why Is Automatic IP Excluding Important?

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This article explains automatic IP exclusion and why it is important

Automatic IP excluding is a feature in TCS only available for Google Ads, unfortunately Bing Ads does not have the capabilities to exclude an IP automatically.

Firstly, the process of automatically excluding an IP address happens in real time and faster than you’re able to manually exclude an IP, effectively reducing further clicks and charges .

Secondly, the IP address is excluded across all your campaigns, even if the click is performed on another ad, the system will exclude that IP across your entire campaigns, reducing further clicks and costs from that IP.

Finally, as a business owner you are busy with important operations in your business, the process of manually excluding an IP address is time consuming, time which can be better spent on other areas in your business. With automatic IP exclusion you are free to go about your daily business without having to worry, we got your back!