What is Click Quotas?

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This article explains the feature Click Quotas

Click Quotas is a feature in TCS which fills the void within the Google Ads or Bing Ads platform, it gives you the ability to set a customizable amount of clicks per IP address landing on your website. Once your click quota has been filled the system automatically excludes that IP in Google Ads across all your campaigns, stopping any further clicks and charges from that IP.

For Bing Ads the system automatically emails you a “Filled Click Quota Alert”, so you can manually exclude the IP across all your ad campaigns, unfortunately Bing Ads does NOT have capabilities to support automatic Ip exclusion.

What fills Click Quotas?

Ad wastage is a global issue, to help you save the most money TCS tracks most Ip’s landing on your page, i.e Google Ads, Bing Ads, Organic and Direct clicks, depending on the traffic landing on your page, automatically your click quotas are filled exclusively of Ip’s from one source or combination of all sources.

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