What Information Is On The Dashboard?

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This article explain the data you will see on the dashboard

The dashboard gives you a data overview of what has been happening in your account regarding clicks and how the system has handles the tracked traffic with in the selected time period, you can adjust the time period for this data in the top right corner

Monthly Recap Report Graph, gives you Total IP’s Excluded, Total Clicks and Total Devices Detected in selected time period.

Top 5 Clicking Device ID, this stacked bar graph gives you the top 5 trackable clicking devices Id’s landing on your website in selected time period

World Click Map, when you purchase an advanced click bundle you will get the location of clicks showing on the map within selected time period. This map will be blank until a bundle is purchased.

Latest Click Activity, gives you an easy overview about click activity and how the system has handled the clicks within selected time period.

Browser Usage, this pie graph give you an overview of the most popular trackable browser used for clicks landing on your website, within selected time period.