What Features Are In My Account?

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This article explains what features are in My Account?

In this folder you will find… 

Billing Details, here you’re able to update your credit card details, pay now, opt a plan to downgrade or upgrade your plan, as well you’re able to cancel your current plan anytime from this page too.

Transactions, find details about purchases you have made and download invoices.

Add-on Products, here you can purchase add-on bundles, such Click Top-Ups and Advanced Clicks.

Profile Setting, on this page you can update your email address, update your name, username, your business details and choose your profile avatar.

Password Setting, here you can update your password for your account in The Click Saver

Time Zone Setting, On this page you can align your TCS account timezone with your Google Ads account timezone, to prevent any reporting discrepancies caused by an unaligned timezone.

Report A Bug, here you can get support or report any problem you have encountered with the system, to get support or report a bug, simply fill out the subject, provide a description and where possible provide a screenshot image to help us resolve the issue.

Request A Feature– we are always on the lookout for a new feature to improve the service for users, if you have an idea which can help users save clicks and reduce their PPC charge, simply submit your idea here, you never know, your idea maybe the next feature developed and implemented.. yay!