What features are in Intel Reports?

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This article explain the features in Intel Reports

Statistics, here you will get all the data relating to your clicks, you’ll get a graph reporting the daily different types of traffic landing on website, Top 10 clicking devices and how many clicks each device has performed and a table which gives you the website URL, type of clicks, the source, the referrer, device ID, Click Status which displays how many clicks the Ip has performed compared to your click quota setting (please note: the system cannot prevent organic and direct clicks from visiting your page/website, these types of click will be exceed your click quota setting, the IP is excluded in Google ads according to your click quota settings preventing any further paid clicks from this IP), first/last click date and time and how this IP address is being handled in relation to Google Ads and Bing Ads. For Google Ads Status, if the IP is within your click quota settings, the system will display “Within Threshold, if the IP has filled your click quota the system will display “Blocked” meaning this IP has been automatically excluded in Google Ads. For Bing Ads Status, the system will display “Within Threshold” or “Alerted” when your Click Quotas has been filled, meaning a filled click quota alert has been emailed to you for manual IP exclusion. For location data you need to purchase an Advanced Click Bundle.

Statistics Page

Blocked Ip’s, On this page you will find all the data relating to IP’s which has been automatically excluded by the system, for instance you’ll get the IP, domain, campaign name, date the IP was excluded, and an action to delete this IP from the exclusion list.

Also on this page you can download the list of excluded/blocked IP’s to a excel spreadsheet and manually enter a blacklist IP, meaning this IP will be excluded across all your Google Ads campaigns.

To learn more about how the system handles manually entered IP’s, click here

Excluded IP’s Page