What Features Are In Set Up?

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This article explains the features in Set Up

Google Ads Account, this feature displays the current google ads account or MCC account Id linked to TCS, here is where you can link or update the ID used by TCS.

Google Ads Linking Page

Google Ad Campaigns, this feature automatically displays all the enabled campaigns in your linked google ads account.

Google Ad Campaign Page

Click Tracking Script, here you will find the HTML click tracking script which needs to pasted in all your landing page/s or across your entire website, enabling the system to track clicks and Ip’s to fill your click quotas.

Your Website List, here displays the website/s currently being used by TCS, you can add, delete, update website/s in your list, set a website as default for data displayed on your dashboard/reports and check click tracking script installation.

Website List Page

Alerts and Reports, here you can enable/disable click quota alerts and click summary report for each website.

Alerts & Reports Page