IP Ranges And Why You Need It

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This article explains IP Ranges and the pros and cons of IP Ranges

IP Ranges is lot of IP addresses in close range of each other

When this feature is enabled the system will exclude an IP range, instead of excluding each IP address individually.

For instance,

An individual IPv4 looks like: 123.456.789.123.

When the system excludes an IP range it will look like: 123.456.789.*

Automatically excluding any persons using an IP within this range from viewing your ad.

Cons of IP Ranges 

– At times, ranges can exclude potential clients from viewing your advertisement who has an IP which falls within this range

Pros of IP Ranges

– It can pre- stop more clicks coming from unlikely potential customers

– It relieves pressure placed on your 500 IP limit set by Google

– It allows you to exceed Googles limit of 500 excluded IP’s per campaign

You have the ability to enable or disable this feature

Simply go to your dashboard > Control Panel > Click Quotas > Ip Ranges > Enable / Disable