I’m Not Seeing Ad Traffic On My Dashboard?

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This article explains the likely reasons why you’re not seeing ad traffic on your dashboard

There are multiple reasons this could occur,

1. You have not installed click tracking script on your landing page/s, the monitoring script can be found in your TCS dashboard,  select setup > monitoring script > copy and paste click tracking script > install on your landing pages, to learn more click here.

2. You have not enabled auto tagging, to learn more click here .

3. Your ads are not active

4. You are running call-only ads, at the moment it is impossible to track clicks which transfer to a phone number, instead of a landing page – accounting for missing clicks. To learn more click here.

5. The time frame which you are currently viewing is in a time period which clicks were not being tracked, simply goto the top right of the page and change the time period.

6. Align the timezone of your Google Ads account and your Click Saver account. Simply go to your TCS dashboard > My Account > Update timezone.

7. When you originally signed up to your Click Saver account, you may have misspelled your domain url, this will prevent clicks from showing in your data. Simply goto your TCS dashboard > Setup > Website list, remove and add new domain with correct domain.