How Do I Set Click Quotas?

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This article acts as starting guide to setting your click quotas, customize to suit your needs.

Understanding Click Quotas

Click Quotas works by filling a void in Google Ads and Bing Ads, it give you the ability to set a certain amount of clicks per IP address landing on your webpage/s. Once your click quota has been filled, it means you no longer want to show your ads to that IP address and the system will proceed to automatically exclude that IP address in Google Ads, stopping the ad from being served across all you campaigns, preventing any further costs from that IP address, at the same time an alert email is sent to you informing you to exclude this IP in Bing Ads.

What Fills Click Quotas?

Ad wastage is a global issue, to help you save the most money TCS tracks most Ip’s landing on your page, i.e Google Ads, Bing Ads, Organic and Direct clicks, depending on the traffic landing on your page, the system will automatically fill your click quotas exclusively of Ip’s from one source or combination of all sources.

Setting "Clicks Allowed" for your click quotas 

Here you’re able to customize how many clicks you would like to include your click quota. 

The ability to save clicks decreases as more clicks are included in your quotas, allowing one click being the most aggressive strategy where you save the most money from your PPC charges. 

As a starting point, if your business is service related (i.e. doctors, locksmiths, plumbers, auto repairs etc) you may only need 1-2 clicks for a conversion. If your business is e-commerce related you may require 1-10 clicks for a conversion to occur.

You could also set your click quotas for an amount of clicks versus your products price point. For eg, if your average cost per click is $10 and your product/service price point is $150, you could set a limit of 1 click, costing you an average of $10 per IP for a conversion to occur, if the conversion has not been reached within this range, the IP could be considered not “hot”, excluding the IP and leave the remaining budget for ready to buy prospects.

Setting "Time Period" for your click quotas

Setting the time period for your click quotas is 100% dependant on long it takes for a conversion to occur, each business is different, in the service industry a conversion may occur within a short time period. However a e-commerce business may need a longer time period for a conversion to occur, as the IP may visit your site multiple times over a longer period. 

As a starting point, allow 30 days, you are able to adjust this at any point to suit your needs.