The Click Saver

Can You Start Saving Clicks?

You Can Literally Be Saving Clicks In Under 5 minutes

1. Start Here, Subscribe To The FREE 10 Day
Click Saving Challenge

Discover first if one of your websites has any advert wastage, totally FREE for 10 days, before choosing any paid plan.


2. Set up Your PPC Ad Accounts
With The Click Saver

Setting your ad accounts requires 2 quick steps…

1. Link your Google Ads account with The Click Saver, it’s as easy as signing into your Gmail account, just follow our and Google prompts. This allows us to act on your behalf and automatically exclude IP’s within your Google Ads account across all your campaigns who fill you click quota, saving you time, clicks and money! 

Linking your Bing Ads account is not necessary as Bing Ads does not have the capabilities to support automatic IP exclusion.

2. Enable Auto-Tagging, allows us to differentiate between the type of clicks landing on your page, it is both quick and easy to do in your Google Ads and Bing Ads account.

Not planning to advertise on Bing Ads?  don’t worry about enabling Auto-Tagging in your Bing Ads account.

If your not sure what Auto-Tagging is or how to enable it, click here.


3. Insert A Small Click Tracking Script
In Your Website or Landing Page/s

The Click Tracking Script is quick and easy to install, it just a matter of copy, paste and save.

The click tracking script allows us to track IP addresses landing on page, the sooner you install, the faster we start tracking Ip’s on your website or landing page/s. 

4. Set Your Click Quotas

This is literally a 30 second task, the faster you set the number of clicks allowed, the sooner we know how many clicks an IP can perform before we exclude them from seeing your ads.

5. Goto An Important Meeting
We Got You From Here

That’s the primary steps completed, simple and fast!

Goto a meeting or catch up on some sleep, we got you covered around the clock, we never stop tracking Ip’s, filling click quotas and saving you clicks and money!