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The Click Saver is a add-on tool for advertisers and agencies, we begin where Google Ads and Bing Ads stop, helping you fill the void by inserting a 100% customizable click quota strategy in your ppc campaigns to control ppc costs, reduce ad wastage and put money back in your pocket.

Right Now You're Paying For Clicks
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Did you know upto 50% Of Your Ad Budget Today Is Wasted

On Clicks Which Come From…

Click Bots

A specifically designed internet software that is used to crawl and perform fake clicks to burn your budget.

Excessive Clickers

Many google and bing users don't know what PPC is, often resulting in excessive ad clicking

Click Farms

A large group of workers hired to click on paid advertising links

Lazy Clickers

Clickers who know your url and find you in search ranking, but choose to click your ad because it's effortless

Cold Prospects

Prospects who are in no rush to purchase today, clicking your ad and costing you ad budget which could be used for Hot prospect


Dirty tactics deployed by competitors to simply raise the cost to you the advertiser

Blow Up Your Ad Charges

Insert A Click Quota Strategy

1. Connect With Google Ads

When you link your Google Ads account directly with us, we will be able to automatically interact with your ad account while you're at an important meeting or catching up on sleep.

2. Insert A Click Quota Strategy

Click Quota fills the void in Google Ads and Bing Ads and is 100% customisable to suit your website. From today you have the power to say!

" I Will Allow
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 50
Clicks Per IP Address In 30 Days "!

3. Automatically Stop Showing Your Ads

When a IP fills your Click Quota we automatically exclude the IP in Google Ads, preventing any further clicks and charges from that IP address


Helping You Get Your Power Back

Increasing Your PPC Marketing ROI

Reducing Your Stress Levels

Works On Any Website
You Can Install A Click Tracking Script

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