How much of your paid ads budget is being wasted?

Up to 90% of your ad clicks get spent on people that will never buy.

The Click Saver reduces the number of non-buyers clicking your ads, saving you clicks, and saving you money.

Do you know you's clicking your ads?

Ads are designed to attract new customers to your business, yet between $1 - $7 of every $10 you spend on paid ads is wasted on clickers that will never buy. So where’s your ad budget actually going, and who shouldn’t be clicking on them?


It’s no secret that competitors click on your ads, knowing that it will cost you money.

Unprofitable Sales



If you sell a $30 product, pay $10 per click, and someone clicks 7 times, then even if they buy, they aren’t worth your ads.

Window Shoppers



Some people will continue clicking ads forever but will never take action and become a buyer.

Existing Clients



Existing customers that already know your business don’t need ads. And with subscription-based businesses, 1 customer can’t subscribe twice.

Disgruntled Customers


Every business has unhappy customers, many of them purposefully click your ads to hurt your business.




Around 50% of internet traffic takes place by bots, not humans. Bots often click on ads while browsing search engines looking for victims.

You are already taking control of your bids, Now take control of your clicks too.

1. Unleash The Click Saver




The Click Saver runs in the background, reducing the number of non-buyers clicking your ads so that more of your budget goes towards real prospects.

2. Control Your Clicks



You choose a quota, limiting the number of times in any given time period that someone can click on your ads. It’s completely customizable to suit your conversion costs and industry.

3. Reap The Savings




As you save clicks, you save money. And as more clickers get blocked over time, you get even more savings, higher conversion rates, and a lower ad cost per sale.

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