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The Click Saver is a add-on tool for advertisers and agencies, we begin where Google Ads and Bing Ads stop, helping you fill the void by inserting a 100% customizable click quota strategy in your ppc campaigns to control ppc costs, reduce ad wastage and put money back in your pocket.

Is Your PPC Costs Skyrocketing?

You could be the victim of ad wastage, as much as we love Google Ads and Bing Ads, they don’t restrict the amount clicks an IP address can click on your advert, if your ad budget allows the click you will be charged. If you’re advertising naked i.e without click quota strategy there is very high possibility you are paying for adverts you don’t need to. This is where lays the opportunity for you to save clicks and put money back in your pocket.

Alarming, the future forecasts for ad wastage
is not great and is on the rise!

With the world in economic crisis and global recessions looming, competition for ad space and costs is becoming fierce as businesses fight to stay operational. Unfortuaently many of your clicks may not be as legit as you may think.

What We Thought PPC Ad Wastage
Is Costing Us... $7.2 Billion

The Real Cost Of PPC Advert Wastage?


If You Want To Reduce Your Ad Charges
You Will Need To Arm Yourself Now!

Who Is Wasting Your Clicks?

Wasted Clicks Can From A Variety Of Different Ways

Click Bots

A specifically designed internet software that is used to crawl and perform fake clicks to burn your budget.

Excessive Clickers

Many google and bing users don't know what PPC is, often resulting in excessive ad clicking

Click Farms

A large group of workers hired to click on paid advertising links

Lazy Clickers

Clickers who know your url and find you in search ranking, but choose to click your ad because it's effortless

Lookie Loo's

Lookie loos are people who often masquerade as buyers but have no real intention of ever buying


Dirty tactics deployed by competitors to simply raise the cost to you the advertiser

Our Mission To Fix PPC Marketing

With Our Aggressive
Click Quota Strategy

1. Connect With Google Ads

When you link your Google Ads account directly with us, we will be able to automatically interact with your ad account while you're at an important meeting or catching up on sleep.

2. Insert A Click Quota Strategy

Click Quota fills the void in Google Ads and Bing Ads and 100% customisable to suit your website. From today you have the power to say!

" I Will Allow
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 50
Clicks Per IP Address In 30 Days "!

3. Automatically Stop Showing Your Ads

When a IP fills your Click Quota we automatically exclude the IP in Google Ads, preventing any further clicks and charges from that IP address

Preventing Upto 100% Of PPC Ad Wastage Fast

Want To Save Clicks?

Start getting your Google and Bing Ads in shape today with FULL unlimited access .
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Helping You Get Your Power Back

Increasing Your PPC Marketing ROI

Reducing Your Stress Levels

Strong Click Saving Features

saving clicks 24/7

We never stop saving clicks, even while your'e asleep or busy with an important client,
we work hard for you around the clock.

IP Ranges

When this feature is enabled, we will automatically inform Google Ads to exclude a range of IP's across all your campaigns, pre-excluding IP's within these ranges from clicks and charges.

advanced click quotas

Got more than one website?
Great, you can set a 100% customizable click quota strategy for each independently.

Keyword modifier

The pain staking task of modifying 000's of keywords from broad to broad modified, phase or exact is no-more. Simply copy, paste and choose your modified type.

alerts & intel reports

We know life is busy when you running a business, every day and/or week, we email you click summaries and as they happen alerts of IP's who fill your click quota for manual IP exclusion in Bing Ads

ADVANCED Click Bundles

Want to know more about your clicks?
Try our advanced click bundles, sold separately, you'll get advanced location data about each click, including a world click map, country of click, city of origin, host provider and much much more.

Works On Any Website
You Can Install A Click Tracking Script

What Our Clients Say...

So Much Love From Around The World!

Been using this app for a few months now and it has been really handy in controlling costs on Google Ads.
Chad Smith
We thought to give the 10 day trial ago and it has been amazing, the trick is to balance clicks and your conversions.
Nicole Gee
Hair Stylist
Saving money from unnecessary clicks has helped us to explore other marketing opportunities, thank you!!
Ricky Royal

Let's Start Saving Clicks Now
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Start getting your Google and Bing Ads in shape today with full access for 1 website click saving challenge. Have fun and start saving clicks totally FREE for 10days.

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